At Fellenoord you can take lessons on several levels, from beginner to advanced competition player. We offer lessons for the categories 3 till 9. Each half year 16 lessons of approximately 1 hour will be offered, in summer and winter. The lessons cost €5 per half year per person. There is also a deposit of €25 that will be charged, you will however get this returned if you stick to the training regulations.

Training regulations

  • You can sign off for the lesson until 15.00 on the day of the training.
  • You can sign off via the dashboard
  • If you reach 7 points, your deposit will not be returned (you get 3 points for not signing out and not showing up, 1 point for each time you sign out, even if you still show up).
  • If you reach 10 points, you will be dismissed from the training group and you will be put on the reserve list.
  • If you do not sign out 3 times, and you do not show up, you will be dismissed from the training group
  • If you have an injury or attended a Fellenoord activity on the day of the training please send an email to within 2 weeks.
  • You can give at most 1 day on which you are not available. We try to keep in mind the rest, but cannot promise anything.
  • At least 4 people have attend to let the lesson be continued
  • If a training cannot take place, there will be a catch-up training that takes place at the end of the regular training period. Catch-up training will still count for penalty points
  • Training will be held, unless you get an e-mail that it is cancelled
  • Fill out the evaluation of the lessons (before the deadline) to get your deposit returned
  • There is a limited amount of training spots. If the amount is reached, you can be put on the spare list.
  • The order of prioritizing members when filling in the training spots is as follows:
    • 50 spots for new members
    • Active members (doing committee work)
    • Competition playing members
    • Normal members and new members
    • Late registrations (either active members or normal members)
    • Too many penalty points last season (either active members or normal members)

  • I signed off for the training but somehow got 3 penalty points.
    • This means you did not sign off correctly. If you think you did, please send an email to because then there might be something wrong with the system.
  • I got 3 pentaly points but I attended the training session.
    • This could be a mistake by the trainer. Please send an email to within 2 weeks of the training so we can contact the trainer to see if this was indeed a mistake.
  • I signed up for the training sessions but I can't find myself in any group
    • You probably did not sign up correctly, or some of your account settings are wrong. please contact for further help.
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