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About Fellenoord

About Fellenoord

Fellenoord is the student tennis association from Eindhoven, and also the biggest and of course the most fun student sport association in the city. It’s the perfect way to combine playing tennis, having a good time and meeting lots of new people while you are a student in Eindhoven! On this page, you can find all important information about our association. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact one of the board members!


Fellenoord has got something to offer for each tennis player. From the beginner who has never held a racket in his hands before, to the skilled tennis players with years of experience. For only €5, you can train for half a year. But of course, there are many more options to play tennis at Fellenoord! Every Wednesday evening we host a club evening, where all of our members are welcome to play some tennis and have a drink afterwards. The teams who play together are usually created on the spot, so this is the perfect way to meet some new people! Of course, you can also play competition at Fellenoord, both in the summer, fall and winter. We also organise several tournaments, under which our Open Tournament in the first week of the summer holidays in July. This is one of the biggest tennis tournaments of the country, which is being visited by hundreds of students from many different places. A week you most definitely do not want to miss out on!


Besides playing tennis, Fellenoord has a lot of other fun activities to offer. Monthly, we host a drink at our favourite bar, Miller Time! Here, we also organise a large theme party three times a year. Both the drinks and the parties start with a free beer and shot, to start the evening off the right way. Perfect! Throughout the year, we also organise all other kinds of nice activities, such as a Christmas dinner and a weekend getaway for all our members. We also always open and end the competitions with some legendary parties!

We have three sister associations which we hang out with a lot, namely Veracket from Groningen, Chip & Charge from Amsterdam and Stennis from Maastricht. Together with Groningen and Amsterdam, we go on winter sport every year. We also travel to Paris in May together, to enjoy some top quality tennis at Roland Garros. Moreover, we organise an exchange weekend every year, and we visit each other's open tournaments, with the greatest parties and activities!


A membership at Fellenoord costs €35 a year. The KNLTB-membership is included in this fee, which allows you to play tournaments throughout the whole country. You also need a sports card to be a member at Fellenoord, this is the case with every student sport association in Eindhoven. You can obtain this card at the Student Sports Centre, and this will cost you around €103 a year! Valid sports cards with which you are allowed to be a member with a student sport association are:

  • TU/e, Fontys and Other (University/Hogeschool) Student - 1 year card
  • TU/e, Fontys and Other (University/Hogeschool) Student - 6 months card
  • TU/e or Other University PhD/PDEng Students - 1 year card
  • TU/e or Other University PhD/PDEng Students - 6 months card
  • "Uitloopregeling" Sports Card (previously: 5-year rule card)
  • "Fontys Uitloop" Card

Become a member!

Enthusiastic? Great! On this page, you can subscribe to become a member of Fellenoord. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you soon at one of our club evenings or at another activity!




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