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Leffe Circuit

Leffe Circuit

Leffe Circuit

After, and since a few years also prior to, the summer competition, tennis clubs organize their own tournaments, hoping to offer a fun and sportive week for as many tennis players as possible. Unfortunately, often more than one tournament is organized in one week. So choices, tough choices, have to be made between the many tournaments each week. In order to help you with this choice, and to have as many Fellenoord players as possible at the same tournament (the more, the merrier), the Leffe Circuit has been introduced: a calendar full of different tournaments in and around Eindhoven, selected by size, quality and the best parties.

But that is not all! To promote not only the parties, but also the competitiveness, winning (matches in) one of these tournaments will earn you points. These points are listed on the website, where a nice ranking of the points so far will be published every week. The tennis player that earned the most points at the end of the Leffe Circuit, and who therefore leads the ranking, will be crowned Leffe King (or Queen) and will be handed a fun Leffe-package on a festive evening at the end of the season.

This year, the points will be rewarded in a similar fashion as the Masters Circuit of District Eindhoven. This means more points when the size of the scheme is bigger and more points as you get closer to the final! The scoring will happen as follows:

At premature elimination in case of multiple poules, it is assumed that all players that end up higher in all poules determine your position. For example, if you finished 3rd in your poule with four poules, this means that there were 4x2=8 players that were better than you. You get rewarded as if you finished 9th.

So also for the less gifted (in large schemes), there is a change to win the Leffe-package!

Furthermore, for a number of tournaments of other student tennis associations, the rewarded points are doubled. These tournaments are called “Grand Slams” and a separate ranking will be used.




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