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KNLTB competition

Playing competition is seen as the highlight of the tennis season. Together with your team, you will have a great time on and around the courts, and you will have the ability to improve your tennis skills by playing all the games in the competition. At the moment, we are living in an uncertain time. The Dutch Tennis Association intends to organize as many tennis activities as possible within the corona guidelines of the Dutch government. During the competition, you will play competition against clubs close to Eindhoven at all tennis levels. So even if you have just started playing tennis, you can play competition. Competition is all about having fun on and offside the court and of course also some serious tennis matches. We try to answer the most asked questions here.

When is the tennis competition organized by the KNLTB?

The Dutch Tennis Association offers competition in the spring, fall and winter of each year. In the summer, open tournaments are organized by tennis clubs in the region.

How many playing days does the competition consist of?

Each competition consists of seven days, with one every week. You play once against six different opponents. You play matches both at home and at other associations.

On which days are competition played?

At Fellenoord we organize competition on Friday in the evening or Saturday in the afternoon. Keep the whole day if you want to play competition on Saturday. You can find the playing days for each competition on the website of the Dutch Tennis Association (KNLTB).

With how many players am I in one team?

A competition team consists of a minimum of four players. Usually, one team consists of five or six players, so that you always have enough people to play that day. If you have a team of six people, you do not necessarily have to play each week, but it is the most fun to do so anyway. One player of each team is the captain.

For what am I responsible for as captain?

As captain, you are the contact point for opponents, and you make sure that your team is complete with a minimum of four people every match day. At home matches, you are responsible for picking up the tennis balls and entering the final score on the KNLTB website. Extra explanation about this you get at the captain's meeting

What if my team is not complete?

Of course, you try to set up a complete team on every match day. With the permission of the commissioner for competition of the board, it is possible to ask a substitute. In case you don't manage to find a substitute, you have to inform the captain of the opponent in time.

See the flowchart below on how to handle in case of an incomplete team, or postponed match day:

How do we make a competition day the most fun?

Making fun is one of the most important things during the competition. Make sure that when you play at home, you offer a drink and a snack for your opponents for between the matches. After the last match, you could have dinner with your opponents or go to the pub with your team if it is allowed by the corona measures. Note: These are just examples, you are not obligated to do any of those.

In which team can competition be played?

Competition can be played in a men's team, women's team or mixed team.

How many matches are played on a competition day?

Depending on your team (men-, women- or mix team) and the day of your matches will be played (Friday or Saturday). On Friday evening competition there will be four double matches. On Saturday afternoon, five or six matches will be played, depending on your tennis level and team structure.

Does competition play count for my tennis rating (DSS)?

Yes, all matches you play during the tennis competition count towards your KNTLB tennis rating (DSS) Of course only for your own matches.

Do the captains get extra information?

Just before the start of the tennis competition, the captains are invited to the captain's meeting, where they get additional information about the progress of the competition. If necessary, the corona measures at that time will also be presented there.

How can I register for competition?

You can register through the Fellenoord dashboard. You can register individually or in one team. Note in the comments with which player(s) you would like to play together.

Still have questions?

Email or contact the competition commissioner.

Have fun playing competition! Do your best and promotes our association positively in the region!

Internal winter competition

Fellenoord's internal winter competition is being played once every three weeks during Wednesdays club nights. Each night you can decide for yourself whether you want to play one or two matches, and you can register at the club night. In total, we will play 6 days of internal winter competition, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to play every night. We will keep track of everyone's scores, and they will be updated on the website.




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