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At Fellenoord, you can train at the level of a beginner to competition player. Levels 3 to 9 are offered. Every half year, there are 16 lessons of +/- 1 hour. The cost per half-year training is 5 euros per person. There is also a 25 euro deposit per half year, which is returned to you unless you have broken any of the rules.

Training regulations

  • Cancellations can be made until 15:00 on the day of training;
  • You can cancel via the app;
  • If you do not cancel 3 times and do not show up, you will be removed from the training group;
  • If you do not show up and do not cancel the first two training sessions, you will be removed from the training group.
  • If you have an injury or were present at a Fellenoord activity, send an e-mail within 2 weeks to
  • We can only take 1 cancellation day into account. We try to keep an eye on the rest as well, but cannot promise anything.
  • At least 4 people must be present for the training to go ahead.
  • It may happen that training sessions cannot take place (bad weather, illness, etc.). In this case, a catch-up training session will be planned. Catch-up training sessions also count towards penalty points.
  • Training always takes place unless you receive an e-mail that it is cancelled.
  • There is a limit to training places. Make sure you register on time, otherwise you will be on the reserve list.
  • Fill in the training survey (before the deadline) to get your deposit back.

Penalty points

  • 1 penalty point: cancelling before 15:00 on the day of training
  • 2 penalty points: cancelling after 15:00, but no later than the minute before the training starts
  • 3 penalty points: not showing up without cancelling
  • If you fail to cancel and fail to show up 3 times, you will be expelled from the training group
  • If you do not show up and do not cancel the first two training sessions, you will be expelled from the training group.
  • At 7 penalty points you will be expelled from the training group and your deposit will be forfeited
  • If you decide to drop out, the penalty points work the same way as for a normal training session. Falling in and not showing up therefore also results in 3 penalty points!


  • I signed off for the training but somehow got 3 penalty points.
    This means you did not sign off correctly. If you think you did, please email because then there might be something wrong with the system.
  • I got 3 penalty points, but I attended the training session.
    This could be a mistake by the trainer. Please email within 2 weeks of the training so we can contact the trainer to see if this was indeed a mistake.
  • I signed up for the training sessions, but I can't find myself in any group
    You probably did not sign up correctly, or some of your account settings are wrong. Please contact for further help.




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